About The Rooms

How do escape rooms work?

  1. Grab a group of friends.
  2. Book your time slot.
  3. Show up and get locked in.
  4. Solve all the puzzles to escape!

How long will the experience last?

The entire session will last about 80 to 90 minutes. You will have a 5-10 minute briefing upon arrival, exactly 60 minutes in the room, and then a few minutes for photos afterward.

What happens if I don’t escape in time?

We'll let your loved ones know that you'll be staying with us for a while... just kidding! If you don't make it out in time, we'll come in and help you through the rest of the room if time permits.

Booking With Us

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation online through our secure booking system, Bookeo. You must book your spot at least 3 hours in advance.
Same day walk-ins, though discouraged, are accepted, but make sure you call at least 3 hours in advance so that no one books your desired time slot first! We will try our best to fit you in if there is still space in an existing reservation.
When booking a room, make sure you take into account the difficulty rating of that room compared to how experienced you are with escape rooms. The last thing that we'd want is for you and your group to play a room that is too hard for you!
Please pay special attention to the date when booking! We’d hate for you to come on the wrong day.

Why are same-day walk-ins discouraged?

Not all of our game operators are able to operate all of the rooms. By booking in advance, we can make sure that we have someone staffed capable of running the room that you would like to play.

How much does it cost to play?

All rooms are $30 per person plus tax.

Can I pay with cash?

Unfortunately, all payments must be made online with a credit/debit card through our online booking system. If this is an issue, please contact us and we’ll find an arrangement.

Do you do refunds or cancellations?

Cancellations with refund requests must be made 48 hours in advance and will incur a 10% administrative fee. Cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance can optionally receive credit equal to the paid amount that has been unused, which can be used for rescheduling at a later date. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Can I print out waivers to be signed in advance for an event/party?

We have a copy of our waiver here on the website and the ability to download a printable copy as well. Just click here to check it out and make sure to bring the printed waivers when you arrive for your booking!

Do you have any gift cards?

We do! You can find our digital gift cards by clicking here.

How should I make a booking if my organization is tax-exempt?

If you have a sales tax exemption certificate please send a booking inquiry and a copy of the certificate to info@agameofrooms.com BEFORE attempting to book your room. We'll be happy to help you with your booking!

Do you have a party space?

Our Rockville location has a conference room available for rental at $100 an hour! Click here to book. Our conference room can hold 20-25 people comfortably. Columbia's conference room is still under construction!

Are there any rules associated with using the party space?

We do have a few rules that must followed when renting out the conference room.
  1. If you are bringing food/drinks or having catering brought in, you must bring at least TWO LARGE tablecloths to cover the conference table. You must also provide your own utensils, plates, cups, and napkins.
  2. By renting our conference room, you also agree that you will leave the room as clean as you found it originally before leaving our facility.
  3. We ask that you are careful so that you do not create any large spills or messes. Any major accidents can incur a $100 fee. Thank you for understanding!

The Rules

How many people can be on one team?

We recommend team sizes of AT LEAST 4 people. Our rooms are designed for groups of 4 to 8 people with multiple things to do at any given time. A group of 2 people, especially beginners, would find themselves having a difficult time due to the number of challenges, even in our introductory room. As such, the best team sizes are between 4-6 people. If you have less than 4 people, we strongly recommend finding more players to join so we can accommodate your visit.
If you want to make your event private you may do so by checking the box next to where it says "Private Game". The price for a private game is equivalent to the price of booking every available seat for the room. Please keep in mind that our Prison Break room has a maximum occupancy of 6 people while our other rooms hold up to 8 people.
If you are coming in for a special occasion and/or have specific requests, please leave a message in the "Comments/Notes" section when making your reservation

What are the age requirements?

We strongly suggest that groups consisting of mostly kids be 11 years old and up. Our Prison Break room requires that kids be at least 15 years old. Groups of children ages 15 and under participating must have 1 adult (21+) for every 3 children, UNLESS you booked the entire room. A private event of children ages 15 and under must have an adult (21+) in the room or in the waiting area. Please understand that we want to ensure all customers have a great experience when sharing a room.
If you have kids under the age of 11 that would like to play, please contact us at agameofrooms@gmail.com or (240)-408-4402 for more details!

Do you have parking?

Yes! We have a parking lot right outside of our location. However, we do encourage carpooling because groups arriving with more than 3 cars will most likely have trouble finding enough parking. If you are attending our Rockville location, the White Flint Metro Station is a few minutes away.

What time should we arrive? What is your Late Policy?

Please make sure your group arrives 15 minutes prior to your booking to allow time for waivers to be signed, instructions to be disseminated, and so on. Groups that arrive late will have time deducted from the room deduction, and if you are more than 30 minutes late, you will forfeit your booking.

Can I take my phone in the room with me?

We request that everyone leave their phones in our designated storage space where they will be safely locked away with any other personal belongings that you do not take into the room (jackets, purses, etc.). If you are expecting a call for any reason, you may keep your phone with you, just keep in mind that we do NOT allow any photo or video-taking in the room.

Can we bring food/drinks? What about BYOB?

We only allow drinks in the waiting area and in the conference room (including BYOB), however no food/drinks are allowed into the escape room. We kindly ask you to drink responsibly and to please be careful so that you do not create any large spills or messes. Any major accidents can incur a $100 fee. Thank you for your understanding!


What if I'm claustrophobic?

We've had groups in the past that have had this concern upon arriving. However, we assure you that the doors that you use to enter our rooms are not actually locked. If you feel the need to step out of the room at any point during the game, you are more than welcome to do so.

Is this type of activity family/children friendly?

We assure you that all of our games are friendly for both families and children. There is nothing scary, dark, or offensive.

What if I have someone in my group that has a disability? Can they still play?

While our rooms do not require any physical strength and there are places to sit down, disability can be unique to each individual. We would request that you reach out to us, via either phone or e-mail, so that we can discuss your situation and make proper accommodations for you and your group.

I’m trying to do a team-building event but I’m worried that this is scary/unprofessional… should I be?

Don’t worry - we are NOT a haunted house… no Freddy Kruegers here! Our goal is to make sure that you and your group will have a great experience. We can assure you that our staff and experience will be courteous, professional, and (of course) lots of fun.

Got Other Questions?

No problem - we've got answers! Just send us an email or call, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Happy escaping!