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Escape Detention | Cabin Fever | Prison Break


  • All rooms are $30 per person plus tax

  • Escape Rooms are by reservation only, we discourage walk-ins

  • A group minimum of 4 people is strongly recommended

  • All of our games are family/children friendly

  • There is nothing scary, dark, or offensive

  • Check our FAQ page for more on our Refunds/Cancellations Policy



Ages 11+ (See FAQ for more information)


Capacity: Up to 8 Adults/9 Children

This room has a well-balanced difficulty that is great for beginners, teens, and families. Learn the basics and fundamentals of escape rooms while discovering that escaping isn’t as simple as it sounds!

You and your friends have been caught selling test answers to other students at school and have received detention!

However, as luck would have it, you are not the only troublemaker to have ever attended school. Past students have found ways to escape detention and have left behind clues to help you escape.

Will you be able to use these clues to escape the mind-numbing boredom of detention before the teacher comes back?


Cabin Fever

Age 11+ (See FAQ for more information)

Capacity: Up to 8 Adults/8 Children

(Cabin Fever is not recommended for first timers.)

A fierce blizzard has hit your secluded ski resort!

So much for that relaxing trip...

Caught in the snow, you and your friends were forced to take shelter in a nearby cabin. But beware! An avalanche warning has been issued! 

Can you find a way to save yourself and your companions? Or will you succumb to the fury of the blizzard?


Prison Break

Age 15+ (See FAQ for more Information)

Difficulty Locks 3.5.png

Capacity: Up to 5 Adults

Due to the difficulty, we do not recommend this as your first escape room.

You and your felonious crew were caught robbing a bank. Luckily for you, your well-connected lawyer has a man on the inside. They've managed to lure the sheriff out of the office for an hour.

Will you and your party break out in time?

Note: Prison Break has certain aspects of the game that may be difficult for larger individuals to maneuver around.

If you have fewer than 4 people, please contact us!

Party Room


Planning an event and need a space to hang out or eat? We’ve got a space for you! Suitable for a wide range of events including, but not limited to, team-building and birthdays.


Coming Soon:

CIA Rendition

Residency Evil